Our Team

We are a team of versatile professionals united by the idea of creating a unique innovative wearable device to monitor health.

We are for You

Our international team consists from experts of diverse engineering fields product design, hardware and software. We develop wearable device VIVOGRAPH - FIRST SMART WATCH POLYGRAPH. Wearable device Vivograph - It timely receipt of information about psychological and physical changes in your body will allow you to avoid negative consequences.

The main office VIVOGRAPH Inc. and a think tank located in Hong Kong. Project financing from Hong Kong. Our specialists are working with the world's most innovative companies on their toughest challenges. They calculated economic feasibility of the use of various sensors and components for the wearable device.

Our partners in other countries are developing IDPP - INTELLIGENT DATA PROCESSING PROGRAM. They perform a comparison test of psycho-emotional state of the user based on the received sensors readings Smart Watch Vivograph and sensors readings professional polygraph (lie detector). IDPP intelligently selects and activates certain sensors.