Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vivograph work?

Vivograph has built-in biometric sensors that can detect variations in heart rate, respiration and perspiration rates and skin conductivity. These are all direct indicators of someone's emotional state. Different emotions are matched to biometric signal patterns detected over time, which are then correlated with other types of data such as activity levels, calendar events, and location. This information is all processed by the Intellectual Data Processing Program to give you personalized and actual guidance regarding your physical and emotional state.

What is IDPP?

Intellectual Data Processing Program allows you to adjust your Vivograph to take in consideration your particular physical peculiarities and then inform you of any emotional or physical stresses in the most precise way. IDPP gathers data from the sensors and performs processing and comparison of the data against the adjusted settings. Thus, IDPP makes your Vivograph personalized.

How and where I can adjust the IDPP?

You have several options. IDPP may automatically tune itself for your body's specific characteristics. You can also choose and adjust any function from Vivograph menu and adjust as you wish. You can use the Vivograph mobile app and adjust the IDPP from your smartphone, or you can directly connect your Vivograph to a PC, or a laptop, and make the necessary adjustments with the help of Vivograph application.

How long does it take to adjust my Vivograph's IDPP?

Under normal circumstances, with no emotional or physical stress, adjustments will take no longer than two hours. Then you will have to confirm sensors' readings. You can return to the manufacturers' settings at any time and repeat the sensors adjustments for IDPP.

How often the sensors readings are taken?

The smaller the deviation of actual reading from the average-set value, the less the readings frequency will be. Reading's frequency is determined by the IDPP, according to an actuated function. You can also set the frequency manually or decide over specific sensors readings you want to track.

Can I track readings of a certain sensor?

Yes, with help from IDPP you can select one or several certain sensors and their readings will be taken at a frequency set by you.

Can I use the Vivograph only as a Smart Watch?

Of course, you can. Insert a SIM-card and switch off the IDPP. You will be able to call and text, to shoot video and photographs.

How does Vivograph connect to my smartphone?

Vivograph syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth SMART (low energy). The wearable works in conjunction with the Vivograph mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android. Vivograph requires you to download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (to be released early 2017).

What's the difference between Vivograph and other wearable tech products?

Most wearable products focus on physical conditions only (e.g. measuring your heart rate, calculating your physical load) or tend to serve only one specific purpose (eg. analyse your breathing patterns). Vivograph employs the most advanced sensing technology in combination with state-of-art IDPP algorithms to figure out a complex view of your wellbeing (both emotional and physical) and give your data added ‘life context'. Emotions are known to be a major factor influencing your physical health and generally all other aspects of life.

What is the SMART POLYGRAPH function?

With this function on, you may monitor your own emotional response on questions you answer. This will help you understand which questions cause the most intensive reaction and you can determine, for example, some topics that you will not want to discuss with a stranger, or, maybe you will want to go through these topics with your psychologist.

Why do I need to watch my STRESS LEVEL?

Probability of stress situation occurrence directly depends on severity of emotional and physical stresses. Vivograph will tell you when it is necessary to take a break, relax and have some rest.

Is Vivograph a medical tool?

No, Vivograph is not really a medical tool. Sensors readings and information from Vivograph may be used as an advice from a specialist. However, in case of health problems you need to see a physician.

Can I show the Vivograph data to a physician or a psychologist?

Yes, it is your right. You can connect the Vivograph directly to a computer and transfer the data, or you can use the memory card for it.

How accurate are the sensors readings?

Relative measurement error of sensors is from 0 to 3 %. Absolute instrument error of the sensors is determined by their manufacturers. We cooperate in order to minimize these errors.

Does Vivograph measure the blood pressure?

Vivograph is equipped with a photoplethysmography sensor on the basis of which, and of other sensors the IDPP calculates relative change of blood pressure against average set value within a certain period of time.

How long does the battery last?

Vivograph can last up to 10 days in the smartwatch mode without charging. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge. Since it uses a Bluetooth Smart (low energy) connection, it will not drain your smartphone battery. IDPP significantly saves the Vivograph battery.

How is Vivograph charged?

Vivograph comes with a USB charger which connects to the USB port on the strap's end.

What materials the Vivograph is made of?

The Vivograph body is made of high-strength lightweight titanium and aluminum alloy. The silicone wrist strap is hypoallergenic, washable, durable and comfortable.

Is Vivograph water resistant?

Vivograph has an IP67 rating and it's officially 'splashproof', which means it can resist to usual scenarios like temporarily being under the rain or washing your hands.

What colors are available?

Vivograph will come with five colors, black, blue, orange, red and white.

Are Vivograph wristbands interchangeable?

The bands are currently not interchangeable, as the biometric sensors are built into the band and designed to keep working with you as you move throughout the day.

Is my personal information kept private?

We're very much concerned about the privacy of your data. As a user, you are in full control over which data you want to share. Moreover, Vivograph is equipped with a fingerprint sensor and, if it is locked, nobody but you can access the device.

What will my pledge be used for?

Your financial contribution will go directly towards tooling and manufacturing the first batch of Vivograph. It will also be used toward the research and development involved in bringing this product to market, including implementing a sustainable product lifecycle. Please see our timeline above to get a more detailed picture of our product roadmap.

How long will it take to ship the product?

Estimated arrival of your Vivograph is February 2017 for the early bird shipments, main shipments are scheduled for March 2017.

How do I pay for shipping and where do you ship?

We collect a small fee in order to support our costs for shipping Vivograph nationally and internationally. The fee will be Vivograph on check out depending on your location.

When you will start selling Vivograph?

According to the current timeline we plan the Vivograph Beta release for January of 2017, then, in February 2017 we will start early bird shipments, with subsequent main shipment scheduled for March 2017.

What are the Vivograph advantages in comparison with similar devices?

Better functionality with price lower than average.

Will the Vivograph be compatible with other devices?

Yes, it will be compatible with PCs and laptops, smartphones utilizing iOS and Android.

How many hours the battery lasts in stand-by mode? In operation mode?

If you use your Vivograph in smartwatch only the battery will last up to 10 days.

What is the SIM card format?

Nano-SIM (4FF). SIM - card dimensions 12.0 mm x 5.0 mm.

What kind of processor will be used in the Vivograph?

Android Wear. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400.

How strong the glass is? Is it scratch resistant?

We use the most advanced and strong type of glass for the Vivograph - Gorilla Glass.

Can Vivograph be synchronized with computers? Any extra software?

Yes it can. For you PC or a laptop you will have to download and install the Vivograph app.

Why do I need the Polygraph?

This feature will let you track and control your emotional state, strength of your emotional response to different kind of situations, questions, scenes. Also, you can use it for fun, e.g. run it as a “lie detector” on your friends.

Can I later change the wrist band?

Unfortunately no. The strap has several built-in sensors and a USB terminal on one of the ends and is integrated into the body of Vivograph.